Room with a View

I spent the first two night of the week in Niagara Falls at company retreat/education event called Blue Horizon. Everything at my company is either ‘Blue Something’ or ‘Something Blue’. We have an internship program (Future Blue), a company directory (Blue Pages), powerful supercomputers (Deep Blue and Blue Gene) – get the drift? This is naturally Niagara’s slow season and we were pretty much the only game in town – the Town even honoured us by lighting the Falls Blue for 15 minutes on Monday night.

My room had a decent view (see picture) of the ‘US’ falls from the balcony. Unfortunately, being on the 5th floor, we couldn’t see more than the rising mist of the more spectacular ‘Horseshoe’ Falls. Not that we had much time to enjoy the view – a few minutes in the morning before heading down to a working breakfast was pretty much it. These are fun but tiring events – workshops, working lunches, working breakfasts…and then when you finally get up to your room at 11:00 pm you’re online checking email or meeting with colleagues to manage issues; Monday night five of us pow-wowed on an issue until 11:30 pm in my Architect’s room before tuning in to the CBC to watch the Election results – you should have seen the view he had from the 18th floor!

My room was big enough for me to put down the mat for a full practice – and I dutifully got up at 5:30 to practice. Waiting to check in on Sunday night at the lobby I had my yoga bag on one shoulder; what a great conversation starter it is. At work, I am now known for 3 things (apart from my reputation as a rising star and the stellar quality of my work 😉 ); 1. Being vegetarian, 2. Practicing Yoga, and 3. My fanatic support of Arsenal Football Club.

I missed the girls though. Just two nights an hour from home. Imagine 2 months halfway around the world!

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