72 hour Moon day

For various reasons at home and work, Moon day become a three day break from the mat. January was like that – I probably averaged 3 practices a week. But there’s some goodness in that. There was a time a couple of years ago when a cutting out practice for a day was bad news and would inevitably lead to several weeks off the mat. Not just that, but I wouldn’t feel particularly bad about it. Now, if I don’t practice for two days in a row, I can feel my conscience tugging. It’s not so much guilt, but rather as though it gives me wry smile and gentle ‘come on son, get on that mat’.

That my ‘troughs’ are narrower (and presumably shallower) suggests that my sādhana is taking hold.

As for my practice, it was none the worse for the 3 days off; a little stiff in the opening poses but otherwise, everything was as good (or bad, depending on the pose!) as it was on Saturday.

Last night driving through town, I passed one of several churches with those lit signs – the phrases on these boards sometimes appeal to me and sometimes don’t. Yesterday I saw one that reminded me of my practice – “Live simply so that others may simply live”. It struck me that there probably isn’t a faith that would have qualms with that; it seemed a universal aspiration.

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