The Price is Right

I once saw a Cantaloupe being sold for about $70. In Tokyo of course. It was immaculate , the stem trimmed into a perfect ‘Y’, it rested on a bed of tissue in a decorative box. Still, even Oprah would consider that a bit steep. But is it ‘objectively’ speaking ‘too’ much? Well, if it was, they’d rot on the shelf and the shop’s not going to let that happen. Somebody’s obviously willing to pay the price, so the price must be right (note that we are not considering the underlying issue for a $70 cantaloupe – the extravagent protection afforded to Japan’s well-connected farmers).

Now let’s take AYRI. Even if you live in Canada (with it’s newly robust and influential ‘petro-currency’), 26,900 rupees is pretty steep for a month of asanas (and I emphasize asanas because as far as I know there is no formal instruction or guidance on the other seven limbs) – after all, I can get a month at one of the authorised teachers in Toronto for less than a quarter of that. But can you say it’s too much? Maybe not; after all, the place appears to be packed to proverbial rafters most of the time. Lower prices would just result in an ever-growing waiting list. The price appears to be what the ‘market will bear’ and therefore, in the only objective sense I know of, the price is probably right.

I guess up to me to decide. I do like cantaloupe though. Asanas too.

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