3-day streak

I can’t remember the last time I practiced 3 days in a row – but today made it 3. Lately I seemed to have practiced every other day or with the odd two-days in a row or the two days off.

The poses haven’t suffered primarily because even though I can’t call it a daily practice lately, I’ve still been on the mat at least 3 days a week. Indeed, over this rough patch I’ve even consolidated a few things. Mari C-2 is now solid – what was once impossible is now a firm fixture in my practice regardless of what time of day it is. I could drag myself right out of bed at 5, fall straight onto the matless Berber, and when I got to Mari C I would not even wonder whether I’d get the second side. It’s sorted. It’s well sussed. Now it’s time to work on getting Mari D (unassisted, first thing in the morning, without stretching).

No, I don’t stretch. I don’t see the point.

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