That makes 4

I can’t seem to get up before 7:00 am without the alarm. I’m going to bed at 10:30 – 11:00, so that means I’m generally sleeping 8-9 hours a night! What’s up with that? Maybe it’s restorative – the past couple of months having been so hectic, tiring and sleepless.

Anyway, the important thing is that I practiced this morning so that’s makes four days straight. I could feel the sheer sloth weighing down on me as I lay in bed and I really had to fight the demons to get on to the mat. But at around 9:30 am, in Savasana, with the bright sun streaming onto my face I felt great – I’d like to bottle that feeling and take a small shot whenever the lethargy takes hold. If I could recollect that victorious sensation as I got up I’d have no problem getting onto the mat.

You should see the day we’ve got here in Southern Ontario – bright cloudless blue sky and the ground covered in blindingly white powder. It’s -13c outside but gorgeous.

I can’t go to New York for Guruji’s tour stop for all kinds of reasons. But I’ve found a consolation – Darby’s coming down from Montreal to the Yoga Sanctuary in March and I’m signing up for a 10-hour weekend workshop. I’m looking forward to it – my asana practice needs a bit of a kick up the backside and this fills the prescription. The focus will be on ‘positioning’, alignment, breath and technique. On the whole, I’m skeptical about ‘deconstuctionism’ in asanas. I can’t imagine focusing just on backbends or ‘how to float in your vinyasas’. Getting direction as I’m going through a practice – as with Lino and Tina back in November – is great and really helps but I can’t imagine spending an afternoon, say, on backbends or ‘floating’. But then I can’t really judge as I’ve never been at any such workshops.

I got my passport this week. We did my daughters’ as well while we were at it. Check out Diya’s hilarious mugshot. When I handed it over to the guy at Canada Immigration and Customs office, he laughed and pretty soon it was being passed around the place. She’s growing way too fast.

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