Crap of Some Young Guy

I took a rest day on Saturday morning but to be honest it wasn’t a ‘planned outage’; On Friday, I just felt like staying up, having a beer and watching a film (the excellent ‘Lord of War’) and so Saturday morning asanas got blown out as a I felt, (word of the month here)…crap. Feeling guilty, I later spent the afternoon mopping and vacuuming the house and baking muffins and granola bars (go figure). What the hell kind of ‘guy’ have I become?

Sunday morning, however I did practice, but it was an utterly crap practice – the result of being persuaded by everybody else to eat out. My daughter’s choice was ‘China Palace’ (on Derry at the 427 just north of the Airport) – a family favourite, they serve ‘Indian-style Chinese Food’. Though I’ve enjoyed eating there over the years, more and more, I’m out of sync with what the rest of my family wants to eat and China Palace is a case in point – my body seems increasingly to rebel against it. As for the place, the staff is Chinese and so is the décor (or faux Chinese I guess – you know what I mean, tacky gold coloured plastic stuff with red tassles etc), but the sound system pumps out bollywood and hindi remixes. The place only seems normal to us because we’ve eaten there for years. If you’re wondering, we had Pakora and Spring Rolls to start and then Vegetable Pad Thai, Manchurian Vegetable, Chili Tofu, Yu-Shiang Broccoli and Vegetable Shanghai Noodles. Cognizant of the damage I was doing to my next practice, I at least eschewed pilsner in favour of ice water.

It turned out to be a late meal and its impact on my practice the next morning was devastating. By the way, my daughter who has a cold, hardly ate and what she did eat, she threw up on the carpet, sobbing as I tried to get her into pyjamas. Instinctively, I knew going out (and to China Palace of all places) was a bad idea as we had walked out the door, but just going along with it was the path of least resistance (and path of least resentment) so I took it.

I was in a pretty lousy mood Sunday and, ironically, felt pretty resentful. Spurs won, which soured my mood further. I spent the day trying to keep to myself – taking advantage of the sunshine and (barely) positive temperature, I washed and cleaned my wife’s car. Imagine that! Her car! I had to. It was getting embarrassing. When it comes to cars, I think the so-called ‘generally received wisdom’ with respect to men, women and cleanliness/tidiness needs to be turned on its head.

Went into the office today so that meant a 4:00 am practice. After the madness of last week, I was determined to start the week off right and went to bed early – just after 9:00. But poor Diya seems to have caught her sister’s cold and was up at 2:30 am wailing like, er, a sick baby. My wife had her so I tried to kinda sleep and wafted in and out of it until my alarm went off at 4:00. I loitered for 15 minutes before jumping to it.

Practice itself was ok but I just seem totally screwed up these days. I’m sore and stiff; I find twisting particularly hard. And tired, above all else, I just feel tired – whacked – physically and mentally. When’s the tide going to turn?

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