On Sunday I had an astonishing practice – my first in exactly 7 days – it was precisely a week since the final workshop with Darby. I hadn’t practiced since then because my flu made a frightening comeback. I even called in sick on Wednesday. My appetite totally deserted me – all I could take in was fruit, water and green tea. And I lost at least 5 lbs. I now carry 138lbs – that’s pretty light even on my relatively modest 5’7″ frame. (By the way I’ve lost 27 lbs since I started practicing asanas regularly in 2001 – I’ve dropped about 17 lbs of those since last April when I went ‘daily’ Ashtanga. But of course the most recent weight loss had nothing to do with asanas).

The resultant practice was tough as I was still weak. Also, so soon after the workshop I was still focused on the lessons learned and I pushed myself and sweated quite a bit. But what I found remarkable was the difference dropping 5 lbs makes – and it was suddenly and very apparent to me because I’d only just lost it since my last practice. Poses that are ‘just there’ become easy – in Mari B my forehead to the ground; and in Mari C I both wrists with room to spare; Yoga Mudra was laughably easy and Mari D so so nearly there. My concentration was worse than usual and my mind wandered all over the place – but some of that’s down to lacking full fitness.

My wife saw me as I came out of my practice room and remarked that I looked ‘scrawny’. To me I look fitter than ever – but admittedly, at 26 (which I was when we first met), My fitness regime was more typical of the North American male – weights, bikes, snowboards, canoes, hikes. Mind you most of that would still be there if I still had the kind of spare time I had back then except now there’s Yoga and it makes all the difference. Also, I’d only just given up meat. I’m still muscular now, but I have no where near the bulk. (I’ve lost 27 lbs after all!). When I suck my ‘gut’ in, I actually look like one of those pictures you see in Yoga texts illustrating nauli.

Physically though, this was a landmark practice and I’m going to try to make some of those habits of the past week permanent; even more raw fruit and vegetables than I usually eat for example (and tons of my favourite juicy fruits – grapes, kiwis, oranges); Evening meals early – no later than 7 (and only fruit or water for snacking afterwards).

I took Monday as a rest day after Sunday’s exertions, and came back on again today feeling a bit sore in the hamstrings but again I had the same fine practice. Here’s hoping for more of the same tomorrow.

3 Responses to Skinny

  1. samasthiti says:

    Beware of manorexia!
    Remember yoga is for those who neither eat too much or too little!

  2. Ash says:

    Actually, according to my BMI, my weight is bang-on perfect for my height – right in the middle of the range. I don’t stop eating all day – it’s just that the stuff I’ve evolved towards (I think because of my practice) just doesn’t fatten.

  3. samasthiti says:

    Yes, yoga practice really changes what you desire to put into the body doesn’t it. It’s pretty amazing the transitions that take place and how naturally it happens. We found the secret all those dieters are looking for.
    Oh, except that ashtanga is hard work!LOL!

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