Yoga 24/7

You practice, or at least aim to, twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Practice is not 90 minutes on a mat. Practice is the way you breathe and eat. It’s way the way you relate to your kin and your fellow man with integrity and compassion. Yoga is how you work and why you work. It does not matter how much you earn; It is wrong and outside of the path of yoga to do work that is deceitful and wrong. It is not, however, necessarily ‘unyogic’ to make $120,000 a year – whatever you do, regardless of how much you earn doing it, if you do it with passion and in the service of Krsna (or whatever else you personally choose to call Krsna) and humanity and without undue concern for the material rewards then it is yogic.

As for the stuff on the mat, i.e.asanas, it is inconceivable that any job that requires anything up to 50-hours a week could keep you from them. Even if you have a home and family to keep. Having said, that, if you still have no time for them, worry not – some the best yogis humanity has ever known never did a single asana their whole life (Let me add here that I also know several self-indulgent useless prats who do them almost every day).

2 Responses to Yoga 24/7

  1. Tiffersll says:

    You’ve got a good point in your post. I need to let go of the asana practice…but I love it so much, it excites me and cultivates such an incredible energy. I think mostly, I’m attached to the people I practice with (their energy, love, discipline)…you can’t get that practicing by yourself

  2. Anonymous says:

    useless prats? Some compassion please for the lesser enlightened. At least they (I?) are fit useless prats who are on the path to some sense of betterment.

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