It happened. Arsenal are in the European Cup Final. After a nervy and tense affair at El Madrigal in Villareal in which Arsenal survived an 89th minute penalty drama to keep the score at 0-0 and go through on an aggegrate score of 1-0. There was precious little detachment and serenity – the focus and concentration was all there but so was too the emotion. Arsenalasana.

We were diabolical. That was the worst I’ve seen us play in a good long time. But as they say, it’s a good side that can play poorly and get the result against quality opposition.

Football’s like your asanas (and not just in that both take 90 minutes) – In either, form doesn’t count for much. Results do. You can do a pose badly or play badly and still get the right result. On the other hand you can play beautifully and get it wrong. It doesn’t matter that you’re streaming sweat and working your heart out, binding everything in sight, or making perfect passes and tackles. All that counts is getting ‘there’. In Football it’s the right scoreline. In asanas it’s being there in the moment. Of course, once every so often the cosmic tumblers fall into place and you get both the form and the results. Theoretically this is the space we get to eventually – in Football or Asansas. Theoretically.

Briefly, I dreamed of getting to Paris the week of 17 May (I even looked up the ticket – British Airways, Toronto-Paris Return C$1,033). Can I swing it? Work makes it a little hard right now, the Money could be scratched together. My wife’s going to London with the girls for two months to visit with her Parents in early May, I could even join them in London for the week and Eurotunnel it over for match day. Hmm.

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