An Ordinary Practice

Asanas present a host of opportunities for slapstick; there’s a mountain of comedic potential in the Primary Series alone.

Take me in Garba Pindasana this morning (and you probably see this coming ). Fresh for my first proper Garba Pindasana yesterday, I fully expected to negotiate this pose handily this morning. Slip, there goes the right arm nicely through. Now for the left. Jammed! – at the forearm just below the elbow. I turn red struggling to get it in…but no dice. It…ain’t…goin’. I lose balance and fall on one side, and now my thigh is pinching into the my right bicep and it really hurts. I can’t extricate either arm and I’m rolling around of the floor literally tied in a knot. It hurts, I know how ridiculous I must look, and I start laughing uncontrollably. Eventual I settle down and slowly come out of Lotus to ‘undo’ myself.

So who says Tronna‘s not a big Yoga city? We’ve had Lino and Darby in the past 6 months (my goodness has it really been 6 months since I practiced with Lino and Tina?!) and now we’re getting Swenson this month and then Richard Freeman soon afterwards. I’m considering signing up for these weekend workshops. However, while it’s not a lot of money, between the two, it’s probably enough to pay Mysore rent for a month. I still haven’t entirely given up on going to Mysore this winter, so I’ll probably keep my powder dry and my bank accounts topped up.

One Response to An Ordinary Practice

  1. Karen says:

    Haha! Great image of a garbha pindasana gone awry! That’s one weird pose. I can’t quite fathom why it’s in there…

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