Wild Kingdom

I had a poor practice yesterday (except for Garba Pindanasana which I got to work again but more on that later). I got up and felt for the first time in ages like skipping a day and in retrospect I feel as though my body was trying to tell me I needed a rest day and I should have listened. I didn’t however, and the results were rather indifferent.

The one exception being the aforementioned Garba Pindanasana which I did successfully again but this time with the aid of Body Butter – we’ve had a hockey puck-sized jar of this heavy duty moisturizer from the Body Shop kicking about for a while that my wife got as a gift. Neither of us ever used it because it makes you smell like dessert. But I decided that I’d use it to ease into Garba P so I wouldn’t get jammed up like I did other day (this being early morning in springtime Canada, there’s not enough sweat yet). It worked fine. The only problem was come Yoga Mudra my hands were too greasy and I struggled to keep a hold on my toes, and then later in backbends, my hands kept sliding out from under me for the same reason (I practice on a cotton rug). I used the stuff again today but next time I think I’ll try water – it should be lubricant enough.

A funny thing happened after my practice this morning. After showering, I took a look outside our bedroom window as I buttoned my shirt. I saw two robins perched on one of my apple trees down below. Beyond them I saw the flash of a pair of blue jays flitting from tree to earth and back again. And then I saw a white-tailed rabbit jump out of a stump of grass and hop towards them (presumably to get a better look). Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more interesting, I glanced up to see a blue heron fly majestically over the house. ” ‘k…that’s not something you see everyday” was all I could muster. I half expected Bambi to jump out of the woods.

2 Responses to Wild Kingdom

  1. nobodhi says:

    What I do before Mysore class (especially for Garbha Pindasana) is slather moisturizer over my hands and arms then go to the bathroom and ever-so-carefully wash it off the underside of my hands only, using soap and hot water. That way I’ve got slimy arms and squeaky clean palms.
    Just add it to all the other bizarre rituals.

  2. Ash says:

    Excellent idea! I’ll give it a go. It’s amazing when you become a yogi/ni how you introspect and realise how many things about you make you an anomaly in the world – not just the vegetarianism and the penchant for sanskrit verse, but odd things just like this.

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