A Light Week

A weekend trip to Chicago, a moonday, and departing wife and kids, contrived to make this a light week on the mat – just 4 practices since Sunday.

Last Friday at 6:45 we – me, wife and our two girls got into the car and headed southwest for Chicago. My wife’s cousin married last April – we couldn’t make the Cancun beach wedding (alas), but the wedding reception at the Chicago Planeterium was a fine consolation on a crisp evening on the shore of Lake Michigan. I adore Chicago; it’s one of those cities that, while not quite as dear to me as London and Toronto, I know quite well and have an affinity for (Tokyo, Vadodara, and Ottawa being the others).

I managed a practice on Saturday down there but either side of that, I was a 10-hour drive that made a practice, er, impractical….and then Monday I was just too plain knackered from all that travelling and partying.

Two days later, I was dropping my family off at YYZ. My wife and daughters are now in London – my wife being on a year of maternity leave and the eldest of our girls going into grade 1 next year, this was the ideal opportunity for them all to spend real time with my wife’s family in London. They’re gone for two months(!). It’s so quiet without them. I knew I’d miss them, but I couldn’t say no and did not want to. Besides, it gives me a chance to work on a few project at home and focus on my career for a key couple of weeks. And what wonderful sleep I’m getting!

Yesterday, after a bit of a late morning, I snuck in a evening practice before the moonday – November was the last time I practiced in the PM. It’s just so extraordinary how much more extension you get. What a practice. What backbends! How have I come to be able to do those so well so suddenly?

2 Responses to A Light Week

  1. Julie says:

    Chicago is, so far, my favorite city of the USA, with Boston. I guess in some way it reminds me a lot of Montreal with its waterside… And Chicago has the advantage of also being the home of a great friend of mine, so any excuse to go is good.

    Last time I was there, we saw a DL concert at the new venue in the navy pier… The view on the city, on one side, and on blue Lake Michigan and it’s while sailing boats… Beautiful!

    Ooooh, and what about that deep dish pizza?!?! Love that city!

  2. Ash says:

    Yep. Great Pizza. The City feels refreshingly down-to-earth (unlike say, LA or New York).

    But I’m always a bit annoyed and envious when I’m on their wonderful lakeshore – because that’s what Toronto’s should look like.

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