Vraiment Galactique

People have been stopping me in the halls at work and have been messaging and phoning me all week with their best wishes for tomorrow. Which is pretty sad because, of course, It’s not as though I’m actually playing. But naturally, I shall be watching what should be an epic match – vraiment galactique as L’Equipe bills it.

This week has been tough on the asanas. I am taking some intense education at work – 9 hours a day plus trying to spend a couple of hours keeping abreast of my ‘day job’. And I have to drive through the wet weather 1-2 hours each way. It’s makes for a long day and it’s hard to get up at 4:00 am to practice. I missed Monday – just too tired – but managed to drag myself onto the mat for a decent one this morning (a bit tight though, especially in the hamstrings – after two months of doing asanas pretty much every day, I really feel the impact of practicing only on alternate days – as has been the case for the past week).

It used to be you took education when you were ‘on the bench’ – i.e. between engagements. These days, there is no ‘in between engagement’. In fact, rather than having a break between projects, you’re generally working two engagements at the same time for a month or so as you phase out of one and into another. So, we now take education in the midst of engagements. Ubiquitous connectivity makes it impossible to get away from the customer even if you were so inclined. It’s good though. I like this intensity right now and it keeps me from thinking about the girls who are in London right now (a city which will go utterly mad with delight given the right result for it’s grandest footballing side in Paris tomorrow).

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