I felt surprisingly good Wednesday night. True, I was left deflated by their sudden collapse in the 15 minutes before the final whistle, but they had played practically the whole match a man short and I was immensely proud. They had done everything anyone could possibly ask of them and came so close to that, ultimately beguiling, prize. They are a precociously talented side with so much promise (indeed no club is sending more teanagers to next month’s World Cup). And Friday brought joy as the captain signed a 4-year deal which ties him to the Club until 2010. Quite apart from the deal, he expressed a real passion for the Club and the fans: “I want to continue writing the story of Arsenal” he said.

Anyway, the season’s done and dusted as it were.

On the yoga front, I’ve impressed myself with the way I got myself onto the mat daily this week in spite of having to be at the office every day (10 hours book-ended by two-hour drives). I was tenacious and stubborn about practicing. Unfortunately, I’m going through a slump in terms of quality – I’ve been stiff (particularly in the hamstrings) and it’s all a real slog.

After a year of daily Ashtanga practice, the irony about this business is beginning to hit me – I begin to look your standard Ashtangi. But the better I look, the less I’m supposed to care right?

I’m also beginning to count the costs of a daily home practice – can’t cost much you think. But you’d be wrong. Nothing fits me anymore. I’m a 30 waist again and I can pull all my khakis and jeans down without undoing the button or the fly (and being lazy, this is exactly what I do). I need a new wardrobe.

I need a new box of mangoes too. I’ve finished two already. The mango producers don’t know it but I’ll bet I’m a statistically significant component of the Canadian mango market. Yep, if they knew their stuff, they’d be out to monopolize the lucrative ‘Ash’ segment.

And what’s with the weather? It’s like October out there.

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