Death By Football

When it comes to televison, I never recovered from the 14 months I spent in India between in 1982/1983. Even people who had TVs didn’t watch much…because there just wasn’t that much on. (I know…there still isn’t, but back then this amounted to a quantitative, rather than qualitative assessment of the matter). I think in that year I watched maybe 6 hours of television and I’ve never really needed it since. Moreover, television would have died for me altogether were it not for Football.

Practically, the only thing I ever watch on TV is Football. Needless to say, I’m watching a lot right now. Thankfully we’re getting the BBC feed in Canada – otherwise I’d be stuck listening to the complete muppets on ESPN…and watching baseball scores scroll along the bottom. Bollocks to ESPN. If I want to watch rubbish, I’ll go outside and stare at my composter.


I can’t see myself going to India this year (for Yogic purposes anyway). Surprisingly neither money nor career turn out to be the impediments: I’m really missing the girls…and I can’t imagine taking off to India for 2 or 3 months this year and being away from them for a second long stretch. How ironic that you feel so intensely your identity as a father and husband when you’re not having to be either. How am I ever going to go to India without them?

Let’s accentuate the positives; I go to sleep at 9 if I want…and sometimes do. And finding the time to practice or study is never a problem. I’d give it up now to have them back – but I’ll have to wait another month.

On the mat I almost bound Mari D today. It’s now just a matter of days…I’ve seen this before. I know the feeling… And this time it will be without the intervention of Tina Pizzimenti who so effortlessly adjusted me into it last November. No. This time, I’ll have it on my own. A pose others so easily get has been a long time coming for me.

But in the broader sense, I am rather taken by my progress (rather than dejected by any lack thereof). Here’s what I mean; Patanjali talks about a yogi being seduced by his ‘supernatural’ powers as he progresses. Mr. Iyengar’s take on this is that…

The essence of what he is saying is this: when we strive mightily for a goal on our path, gratifying rewards and results incidentally come in our way. We can easily become so enamoured of what we have accidentally acquired that we mistake it for the goal itself

After just over a year of daily practice, I see what he means as look at myself in the morning. I’m stronger, leaner and lighter than in years…perhaps even ever. The material side effects of this spiritually and intellectually uplifting practice are undeniable. I am undoubtedly ‘enamoured of what I have accidentally acquired’.

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