A Summer Weekend

I drove 3 hours north on Saturday, parked in the Bruce Peninsula National Park and hiked for maybe an hour until I came upon a clearing…and discovered (again) Georgian Bay. You could convince yourself without much difficulty that you were in the Mediterranean (except this crystal clear ‘ocean’ turns out to be fresh water). I took these pictures

The boat lolling in the water was called ‘Out and About’ (how Canadian is that?).

On the way home, I stopped by Sauble Beach just to check it out – to see if it my wife and daughters might like it. I drove through the Town of Sauble Beach (one small strip garish, but charming, of beach wear and greasy food…but nice looking coffee). Lake Huron beyond it was almost blindingly bright with the reflections of the Sun. An hour later, I caught the most stunning sunset.

Asana-wise it was quiet on the weekend. On Saturday, I’m trying to establish the resting habit (and not just because the Premiership season is around the corner). And besides, I was about to spend 15 hours in ‘the Bruce’ and needed to pack my gear (don’t you just love Ontario place names? ‘The Bruce’, Tobermory, Kenora, Bobcaygeon, Penatanguishing, Muskoka’. Wherever I am, I think of these words to conjure up home in my mind). Sunday was an unscheduled outage caused by various exertions in ‘Bruce’ – hiking, swimming, lying on the beach, driving through the rolling countryside, drinking coffee, eating sandwiches, taking in the heat of the Sun.

Back to the mat this morning. Rough – hamstrings were particularly tight after the hiking. But like the Pizza I had last night even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good 😉

I have started my annual fast this evening. I was hesitant. A year of daily practice has left me pretty lean and I tend to (here’s a surprise) losing weight when I fast. It’s pretty rough for the first day or so, but afterwards…it’s hard to put into words. There’s clarity of mind that’s tough to describe. And the asanas…you feel yourself to be extra light and you throw yourself through the sequence. I fast for the purification it provides. But I also fast to bring myself down to earth; I realise how genuinely fortunate I am when I break my fast on day four. No food ever tastes so good or wholesome as that first grape or cherry.

The thunder outside sounds like big guns going off in the distance. It was thick with moisture tonight, the air. We are in for a doozy of a storm tonight.

2 Responses to A Summer Weekend

  1. Andrea says:

    Ah, cottage country. Nothing like it. There’s something about it, and the attachment to cottages, or cottages as we know them, and the notion of “going up north” that’s so Canadian. I love it. And I give into it whenever I get the chance!
    Lake Huron has the most amazing sunsets, eh?


  2. Ash says:

    Yeah. It was my first time up at Lake Huron and the sunset was special. Perhaps, the most beautiful I’d ever seen.

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