Big day on the Mat

A landmark day for me on the mat. A couple of big firsts. The big one: an early morning, unassisted Mari D – just on the right though. But the left will follow soon if Mari C is any guide. I know there are some who’ve done this pose from the beginning…but for me it’s been a real war of attrition. I’ve been adjusted into it. But this time I had it on my own. I’ve felt myself get closer and closer over the past year and then today I kind of just slipped into it. Just as with other poses, one day it’s not there and the next day it’s completely there – suddenly easy, even with a wristbind. Speaking of which there have been a lot of wristbinds lately – in all my seated poses. They are so deep now these asanas. My chin rests on my shin and I stare at my toe wondering how I got there.

The other first – I rolled straight out of Garba Pindanasana into Kukkutasana. I felt so high of the ground; Having rolled straight into it my legs were of course still wrapped around my upper arms instead of were they usually are in the pose – just above the wrists.

Moonday kinda just crept up this week – felt like we just had one. I’ll take the break though; something felt a bit odd in my lower back as I tried to lift my heels with head resting on my chin in Kurmasana. Generally, I can rest my head on my chin or I can lift my heels. Today I thought I’d try both…and my lower back told me to stop it or else…in no uncertain terms.

The power just went out. ‘Load-shedding’ as they call it. We better get used to it. I need to get a wood stove. Man if we ever get one of those like the famous August ’02 in the winter – we’re screwed.

[an hour later]. The power came back on. I had a beer with supper. It was chilled and the first sip tasted good. After that I didn’t much care for it, but finished it anyway. Maybe it’s the Yoga’s taking hold. The real Yoga…not the pfaff we do on the mat.

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