Absolute Pants

Some sage advise I read from a regular Ashtangi.net yogini was that if you see clothing you really like, you should buy two. I took her advise to heart…and bought four last weekend.

It’s been obvious for a while that I could not longer credibly wear a 32 waist. I could now slide my pants down easily, without undoing the fly or button. I looked daft. I looked hip hop. So I gave my jeans and khakis to my Dad and…

bought new ones…in Atlantic City(which in the pantheon of ‘Not Yoga’ places, must be top 20) last weekend I dropped a wad of cash, not on the city’s famous ‘tables’, but rather at the Jockey and Banana Republic Outlet stores. Us Canadians we flock Stateside to spend our money these days – our wallets are flush with our multihued and ever more valuable notes – our dollar is now apparently deemed a ‘petrocurrency’ by the international money trading crowd. We swap them for an ever larger quantity of ‘greenback’ and feel rich. And no sales tax on clothing in New Jersey? Outrageous!

I spotted the perfect pair of pants at Banana Republic. Vintage style Khakis – ‘Gavins’ they call them at Banana Republic. But I saw them and recognized my quintessential pant – the ones I’ve looked for my entire adult life. Steve McQueen. The Great Escape. So I bought three in a crisp cool fabric (when I get to Mysore I’ll take them to a tailor – maybe that Sachin guy Caca went on about – and have him make like…I don’t know….fifteen or something. And then I bought one more in the thicker stuff you usually associate to the term ‘khaki’ – in deference to Canadian winters.

As for Jockey. Ten years ago I had it backwards; the quality was on the outside and the briefs would be from…Zellers or Giant Tiger or something – what difference did it make? Most people didn’t see you in your underwear. Now my thinking now is that ‘the closer to the skin, the better it needs to be’. Never mind what people see you in. So I dropped another pile at the Jockey Store. I was pretty excited about my new underwear…still am.

On the asana front, I’ve had two of the sweatiest most intense practices ever the last two days. Pushing myself with zeal through vinyasas and fading almost into sleep afterwards in Savasana. Amazing. I’ve felt truly purified afterwards.

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