Too much gymnastics

I know that doing asanas twice a day for your second 25 years doesn’t make up for not doing asanas for your first 25 years. I know that would not only be futile and pointless, but likely also counter-productive.

So why do I sometimes behave otherwise? Of course I’d never actually practice twice a day (had I that kind of additional time for my practice, I wouldn’t be spending it on asanas – there’s scripture to be read, meditation, pranayama, time spent with spouse and children…all of those would be more yogic use of a spare 90 minutes than a second run through the Primary Series). But I did try to make up for lost time a couple of weeks ago

Here’s what happened: Due to travel, lodging in cramped quarters and the such, I had a lean spell – only managing to practice four times in a week and it included a 5-day spell where I only practiced asanas once. When I got home I embarked on a eight-day stretch that ended with Tuesday’s full moon…as if to try to make up for lost time on the mat. Admittedly they were good sessions. but I could feel my body, mind spirit beginning to tire towards the end of the stretch. I felt reluctance creep into my attitude. I took the moonday gratefully. But was back on the mat on Wednesday. I’m learning my lesson though…it’s Saturday and I’m resting.

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