Harry and Eddie

24 October, 2006

You lose weight in the most unexpected places. My wedding ring is too loose now and slips around on my finger – I’m fearful I’ll lose it (the ring itself I’m not so bothered about as the earful I fear I’d get – come to think of it…actually she probably wouldn’t say much. She probably wouldn’t say anything…for days. Except with cold hard eyes). One thing that I squarely ‘blame’ on Yoga is shifting the balance of power towards Her. I was once firmly in control. And now I just can’t be arsed. Control is not worth having. In fact, control does not even exist. She seemed too easy going once. Now she seems uptight…but she hasn’t changed. I have.

Packing for a trip yesterday, I realised that replacing one’s wardrobe is not something you do in July with the expectation that you’re all set for October. I tried on my favourite sweaters. I looked silly. Like a girl wearing her boyfriends sweaters (or like a girl wearing her own…in 1986). It’s turning into a bonanza for my dad. piles of vintage Eddie Bauer and Harry Rosen size 40 – perfect once for me, still for him.

Things’ll be great when I’m Downtown

22 October, 2006

I’ve spent three of the past four years largely working from home. That’s about to change as I’ve been assigned to a client engagement smack downtown starting on 6 November. Right on the Lake at Queen’s Quay. Getting downtown Toronto from our place involves a 25-minute drive through the country to the nearest station and then a 55-minute ride on the comfortable and frequently reliable GO Train. I’m looking forward to it for a host of reasons; it shifts my career up a gear and gives me more time with my wife whose office is just 10 minutes away and with whom I’ll share the commute in.

Also, being downtown finally offers up the opportunity to practice at a Shala. Apart from a couple of workshops with Lino and Darby, I’ve only practiced asanas in a shala twice – my very first two Ashtanga practices ever back in the Summer 2003. There are at least four places to practice Ashtanga Vinyasa…and two of those with authorized teachers so I’ll relish the opportunity to tweak my practice with expert hands-on guidance.

Asana-wise I had a first yesterday – Garba Pindanasa…without lube 😛 I’ve found it easy lately (my usual mode has been to splash a bit of water on my arms and legs) and thought it was high time to try it dry..er…as it were. I used to wonder how I would ever sweat so much as to manage without the liquid prop. Now I know I don’t need to. Like any other asanas, I guess eventually you just get so as you can do it.

There’s only one more ‘first’ left for me in Primary (not counting those handstanding vinyasas for Navasana). Supta Kurmasana. Faster Tortoise! Sleep! Sleep!

Well hey there. How ya doin?

5 October, 2006

My wife and daughters returned on 23 August after almost four months in England. It’s great to have them back – that’s a bit lame as an expression of how good it feels but I can’t bother trying to come up with anything better because I’m not sure I could. You realise how much people mean to you when they aren’t around. The dearth of posts on this blog lately is down to me being preoccupied with them. The girls have changed enormously. Four months is a long time…especially for the baby (who came back a toddler). The older one came back with an accent which resembles mine (her however seems to have faded somewhat now).

Four months was long enough for me to have settled into new routines and it has been a massive readjustment to re-accomodate a working spouse and two young girls. Gone are the 7:00 am practices and hours of quiet study and reading. Not that I’m complaining though. But my preoccupation with my family and the upheaval caused by their return meant things were light asana-wise. My log tells me I practiced a mere 15 times in September. Having said that, interestingly and paradoxically, September was a month of breakthroughs. Mari D is becoming ‘matter of fact’, Kurmasana comes easily and without dread. Even Supta Kurmasana is on the cusp. Then what? Deeper I guess.

I’m off to a good start in October with 5 straight practices. However, they’re 4:15 am practices – getting them in these days means getting at ’em early. I must say though, I miss the performance enhanced nature of a slightly later practice. I should get up 30 minutes earlier and muck about for a while…would be far better than my current mode of practicing 10 minutes after getting up.