Well hey there. How ya doin?

My wife and daughters returned on 23 August after almost four months in England. It’s great to have them back – that’s a bit lame as an expression of how good it feels but I can’t bother trying to come up with anything better because I’m not sure I could. You realise how much people mean to you when they aren’t around. The dearth of posts on this blog lately is down to me being preoccupied with them. The girls have changed enormously. Four months is a long time…especially for the baby (who came back a toddler). The older one came back with an accent which resembles mine (her however seems to have faded somewhat now).

Four months was long enough for me to have settled into new routines and it has been a massive readjustment to re-accomodate a working spouse and two young girls. Gone are the 7:00 am practices and hours of quiet study and reading. Not that I’m complaining though. But my preoccupation with my family and the upheaval caused by their return meant things were light asana-wise. My log tells me I practiced a mere 15 times in September. Having said that, interestingly and paradoxically, September was a month of breakthroughs. Mari D is becoming ‘matter of fact’, Kurmasana comes easily and without dread. Even Supta Kurmasana is on the cusp. Then what? Deeper I guess.

I’m off to a good start in October with 5 straight practices. However, they’re 4:15 am practices – getting them in these days means getting at ’em early. I must say though, I miss the performance enhanced nature of a slightly later practice. I should get up 30 minutes earlier and muck about for a while…would be far better than my current mode of practicing 10 minutes after getting up.

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