Things’ll be great when I’m Downtown

I’ve spent three of the past four years largely working from home. That’s about to change as I’ve been assigned to a client engagement smack downtown starting on 6 November. Right on the Lake at Queen’s Quay. Getting downtown Toronto from our place involves a 25-minute drive through the country to the nearest station and then a 55-minute ride on the comfortable and frequently reliable GO Train. I’m looking forward to it for a host of reasons; it shifts my career up a gear and gives me more time with my wife whose office is just 10 minutes away and with whom I’ll share the commute in.

Also, being downtown finally offers up the opportunity to practice at a Shala. Apart from a couple of workshops with Lino and Darby, I’ve only practiced asanas in a shala twice – my very first two Ashtanga practices ever back in the Summer 2003. There are at least four places to practice Ashtanga Vinyasa…and two of those with authorized teachers so I’ll relish the opportunity to tweak my practice with expert hands-on guidance.

Asana-wise I had a first yesterday – Garba Pindanasa…without lube 😛 I’ve found it easy lately (my usual mode has been to splash a bit of water on my arms and legs) and thought it was high time to try it…as it were. I used to wonder how I would ever sweat so much as to manage without the liquid prop. Now I know I don’t need to. Like any other asanas, I guess eventually you just get so as you can do it.

There’s only one more ‘first’ left for me in Primary (not counting those handstanding vinyasas for Navasana). Supta Kurmasana. Faster Tortoise! Sleep! Sleep!

2 Responses to Things’ll be great when I’m Downtown

  1. Andrea says:

    That’s great! I’d definitely take the opportunity to practise with Paul and Racehlle…although, if you’re travelling into Union it could be somewhat inconvenient to have to hike back up to Bloor, and then back down to Queen’s Quay…anyhow…

    The one thing I miss about commuting on th GO is that I’m definitely not doing as much reading now as I was then.


  2. Ash says:

    Doing Mysore at AYS seems impossible with the GO Train. I don’t think there’s a train (or bus) leaving Milton or Georgetown early enough to get me into that shala by 7:00 (so that I could get into the office 8:30-9ish)

    I’d have to drive – doable but I’d rather not. I’m thinking Downward Dog a few nights a week.

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