Harry and Eddie

You lose weight in the most unexpected places. My wedding ring is too loose now and slips around on my finger – I’m fearful I’ll lose it (the ring itself I’m not so bothered about as the earful I fear I’d get – come to think of it…actually she probably wouldn’t say much. She probably wouldn’t say anything…for days. Except with cold hard eyes). One thing that I squarely ‘blame’ on Yoga is shifting the balance of power towards Her. I was once firmly in control. And now I just can’t be arsed. Control is not worth having. In fact, control does not even exist. She seemed too easy going once. Now she seems uptight…but she hasn’t changed. I have.

Packing for a trip yesterday, I realised that replacing one’s wardrobe is not something you do in July with the expectation that you’re all set for October. I tried on my favourite sweaters. I looked silly. Like a girl wearing her boyfriends sweaters (or like a girl wearing her own…in 1986). It’s turning into a bonanza for my dad. piles of vintage Eddie Bauer and Harry Rosen size 40 – perfect once for me, still for him.

2 Responses to Harry and Eddie

  1. Tiffersll says:

    How did your finger lose weight?

  2. Ash says:

    I guess flab spreads itself all over the place including fingers!

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