In the Land of Macaca

On a stag night the Wednesday before last for my cousin in Atlantic City, I got carded as I was being herded into a dubious establishment called Bare Exposure. (I mean…really…what other kind of exposure is there other than the bare kind?) The bouncer looked at my Ontario driver’s license, laughed and shook his head. “Ha Ha…you’re from Canada? Man, you got real superstars up there. you gonna to be disappointed in here” Like I’d know. I’ve only been to a strip club once before…in London while at Western when I was still an impressionable 18, my roommate dragged me to the Forum (he knew the doorman). Our bouncer friend was right…decadent, infamous Atlantic City paled in comparison to the sleepy Southwestern Ontario University town. How strange. Regardless, my yogic sensibilities were offended by the display, tame as it was, and I protested with a sit-in. I wasn’t going to move…except for the occasional cigarette with the lads in the frigid seaside air….and those horrid, wretched Jäger Bombs.

In every sense it was a calamitous 5 days for my practice. This was an Indian Wedding, and while there was plenty of sanskrit and oms all over the place, the Yoga was scarce.

  • Tuesday: Drive overnight to Atlantic City from Toronto
  • Wednesday: Obligatory visit to the Outlet strip and then…see above
  • Thursday: The Vidhi. Large wedding party leaves in a convoy for Fairfax (we all started calling each other Macaca for amusement). Bride’s family registers us into the Best Western. More drinking and eating at the reception they hold for us.
  • Friday: Wake up! Two triple espressos. Wedding. More drinking and eating. Drive back to Atlantic City straight from Temple. Return to Atlantic City in the cold driving rain. The groom’s father (my uncle) has pre-ordered 40 large pizzas from Dominos…generously covered in jalapenos.
  • Saturday: Jalapenos wreak further havoc on much-abused constitution. Spend the afternoon watching Undercover Brother in our motel room. Wedding Reception. More drinking and eating.
  • Sunday: Spend the morning recovering. Many pizzas go to a church. Drive back to Toronto in the afternoon. Get stuck in Philadelphia traffic. Cross the border into Canada gratefully at 1:30 am, get home an hour later.

Recovering from the wedding as well as piles of work (and even Halloween) conspired to keep me off the mat until Thursday. Needless to say, I’ve had better practices. To be honest, I was happy and relieved just to get onto my mat. You know what’s really daft? My mat made the journey with me from Toronto to Fairfax and back.

My wife and I weren’t on very good terms during the wedding. We’ve been mending fences since we got back to Toronto. She bought me a present yesterday – Iyengar’s Light on Life. I was well-chuffed.

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