All changes right now. The wedding I wrote about last time left me weary for two weeks as I slowly detoxed. It provided a reminder on the impact my diet has on my happiness, productivity, vitality and general well-being. I felt sluggish, slow and ill two weeks. I’ve since returned to my usual diet and the change in how I feel is dramatic. Why should I be so surprised?

The asanas are still good and regular. I lost Mari D after the wedding though…but I’m getting it back – binding the first side for the last week or so. It’s all 4:30 am practices right now. That is the latest I can get up and still make the office in time (8:15 am) for my call with Bangalore (or Bengaluru as it’s now called). My new train commute gives me tons of time to read for the first time in years…and to communicate with my wife. We’ve probably spoken more about non-essential stuff (you know…actually talking about things other than the kids, mortgage etc) in the past two weeks than in the preceding six months.

People ask me whether I miss working from home. I don’t. I’ve had to give up some things. But I’ve gotten some nice things in exchange. That’s an attitude more than anything. And I think it’s one that Yoga is responsible for awakening. Besides, I think I’ll still be able to manage a few days a month from home once I’m settled on the engagement.

Hey! I’ve also been to a couple of rolfing sessions since I last wrote. All I can say about the first session is that it was ‘pleasant’. I enjoyed it – is about as much I can offer. I felt the alphawaves waft over me as I drifted in and out of a semi-conscious state. Perhaps the changes being effected were too subtle for me to understand, notice and realise. It was after all the first session of what is usually ten. I had the second on Friday night – the focus of which were my feet – and the outcome of which seems a minor miracle; for as long as I can remember, I’ve had very high arches and tended to rotate my legs outwards, walking on the outer edges of my feet. I’ve sprained my feet numerous time because of the tendancy to land on the outer edge – once really badly coming down from a volleyball spike.

Since Friday though, I’ve been walking straight. I don’t rotate outwards. As I stand, I feel my weight evenly balanced on my soles. When we were done the session, the rolfer asked me to walk 10 or 12 yards up and down in front of her. I noticed the difference immediately and just looked at her shaking my head and laughing. It was when I got into the car to come home though that I really noticed the difference. My feet sat squarely on the pedals, instead of half-slipped off their edges – now that really felt different.

Needless to say, I’m going back for more. What other myofascial tendancies do I have locked up inside me that keep my bones from sitting properly and what stress, tension and emotional logjams are being created as a result? What other spaces are there waiting to be opened? What’s it going to do to my asanas?

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