Return of the Blogging Dead

Blogging fell off the agenda when work went into overdrive – 105% billable utilization and 3 hours of commuting. Today I’m feeling demoralized, tired and frustrated…but it’s an off day. I’m generally pleased with the way things are panning out with my career and on the whole…on most days….and during the better part of any given day…I’m having fun. I’ve been asked to prove myself in the most challenging circumstances – and the rewards, admittedly, have been commensurate.

I made an implicit choice regarding my career. I knew and accepted the consequences. Less balance. Less time even for Yogasanas (between billable hours and periodic flu I’ve probably averaged only three practices a week). If I want to practice, it has to be at 4:00 am…and sometimes it’s tough getting up at four. One crazy night I had conference calls at 10:30 – 12:30 am and then the next morning at 5:00 am. That’s globalisation for you.

But do you sometimes get the feeling that whatever you try to do, life’s got certain stuff in mind for you and there’s nothing you can do change it? Here’s irony for you…by moving up a gear, I was letting go of any chance of taking a 3-month sabbatical for Yoga – that just doesn’t happen for 30-somethings on the career track I’ve put myself on. But there’s the rub…my mad job that supposedly leaves me short of time for yogasanas is taking me to Bangalore in October…a cab ride from Mysore. Go figure. I’m getting my shots and I’m going to Mother India…business class.

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