Doing Asanas For the First Time Again

I must have been a bit of a curiosity when I started practicing at the shala, dropping in out of nowhere like I did. I just showed up at Mysore one morning four weeks ago and kept coming.

Whereas, I gather that most of the yogis ‘grow’ into their practice at the place – for example, they might start off with an ‘Intro to Yoga’ workshop, take a few ‘Yoga Prep’ classes before migrating to led classes (levels 1, 2 and 3). Eventually they could take the ‘Intro to Mysore’ workshop and then ease themselves into the Mysore class.

And there’s me…practicing in my basement like a hermit…and then showing up at DDQW out of the clear blue sky to stake my spot.

Now almost four weeks later I look at how my practice has changed. Most significant is a further realization of how deep, multifaceted and complex each asana is. I am rediscovering and subtly relearning poses that I ‘ticked off’ long ago – small adjustments in placement, emphasis, or nuance. On the other hand, I’m also learning that I’m not as far off in closing the gaps in my practice as I once thought; occasionally during the past week I’ve gotten a quick adjustment or remark from an instructor that ended up advancing an aspect of my practice – bringing me, for example, close to straight-legged jump-throughs, or hand-stand vinyasas; I also ease my way through poses that I once thought gruelling (Mari D) and now routinely get smoothly adjusted into that one pose I once considered beyond me (Supta Kurmasana)…

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