Like Seven Inches from the Mid-Day Sun

Mercifully the temperatures have come down this past week in Toronto which means the Shala was a mere 28 degrees this morning. (Do they actually heat this place in June? Is this Bikram and no one told me?).

Even when it gets hot again, I think I’ve built up the stamina to manage, and my practice appears to be back down to something like a normal duration. Coming from my 15 degree basement, I took some time getting used it though. It slowed me down at first; I frequently need to towel down to keep the sweat from running into my eyes, and it just pours off me as though from a tap – bringing my hands down in Samasthiti, I sometimes watch it run in streams from each hand and make ‘pud pud’ sounds on my mat like rain leaking onto a carpet

Sometimes I just stopped from plain physical exhaustion – I felt like a car being red-lined. I’d just lie in some improvised Savasana halfway through, staring at the motionless ceiling fan, my face drenched, and throbbing with heat.

Well this morning I was back down to something more typical – 100 minutes. (Whereas one day this month I finished up to find I’d practiced for 2.5 hours!)

Still, walking out the door after those hot practices, taking a deep breath and feeling the cool morning on your face…feels amazing. All I need is that celebrated coconut wala to hand me a cool one.

Good conditioning for going to India this…not that I’m going any time soon.

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