A year later

How do you post after a year away from the blog? Do you pretend that you never left and just carry on blathering about what you did today or do you make a fist of providing a whirlwind summary of the year? I don’t know how to go about doing the latter. I wouldn’t know where to start.

I could start I guess with girl #3 born last month. We named her Drishti – my western friends think I’m a hippie and my Indian friends think I’m a right-wing fundamentalist.

I’ve grown to appreciate the importance of Satsang this year. What drove me to blog in the first place was to seek out a community of the like-minded – a support mechanism to sustain and bolster my practice (I practiced on my own, in my basement) and maybe allow me to do the same for others. On a whim about this time last year I volunteered for a Yoga Conference and the experience changed me; I immediately sought out a shala – a place to call my Yoga home.

Last year I practiced 227 times; not a 100% record – that would have been 290 following the Ashtanga tradition (if you were wondering) – but not too bad either. Most of those practices were traditional Mysore style at my Yoga Studio. Typically I drove in early, dropped my wife off at her gym and got into the studio just before seven and I’d practice for 2 hours or so before heading uptown to my client’s offices. I got to know the teachers well enough to call many my friends, and the co-owners as my mentors. I did a 200 hour Teacher Training course there over the winter (to deepen my practice more than anything). My practice is my centre of gravity. My friends have changed.

My practice is deeper and broader. Broader in the sense that I’ve progressed to deeper asanas and regularly do the second series now. Deeper in the sense that I continue to be humbled by insights into ‘basic’ poses that I’d long ago ticked off like so many scout badges. I could do Surya A alone for the rest of my life and never completely ‘perfect’ it. Amen to that.

I’m more tolerant and accepting of alternative approaches to asana and even incorporate some occasionally into my own practice. I’m a bit more skeptical of the ‘church’ if you will, even as I continue to be relatively orthodox in my practice and ever grateful for the teachings. And I’ve grown to appreciate the broader physical discipline – spending time on pranayama and delving into Ayurveda. I’m not saying I’m perfect though – this blog post was catered by Labatt and Frito Lay. But it’s been a good year. All in all, I’m better for it.

Baby’s crying. Time to finish my can of Blue and take my shift.

2 Responses to A year later

  1. nobodhi says:

    Hey, welcome back.
    I just realised I never deleted the link to your blog from my page – the eternal optimism paid off.

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